Thelma & Louise – Rescued from Big Spring, Texas!

We pulled Thelma and Louise from animal shelter in Big Spring TX. The shelter kindly kept them on hold for us over a holiday weekend! Later our Corban pulled them at 8 in the morning and they immediately went to their short term SRF foster club Mia, who enjoyed their presence very much. Prior Christmas Mona transported them from Brooklyn to Long Island, where they celebrated with long term SRF foster club Rita their Christmas! Rita bombarded the two with gifts. Rita had her niece visiting for the holidays and two weeks later, right after New Year’s Eve, Olivia confessed that she fell in love with the two chis, asked us to adopt the sisters and we were happy to say yes! Olivia and her parents love the girls so much. They are crowned as Izzy and Alma and are living the good life in Pennsylvania. they are both in love with their brother orange cat!! Happy tails!!

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