Val – Rescued from Big Springs, Texas

SRF Rescue Group, the rescue wing of the non-profit organization St.Rocco Foundation, has rescued a pitbull slated to death, from Big Spring shelter, not too far from the Mexican border of south Texas. South Texas has, like so many other states and towns, small breeding facilities. Whether small or big, many of their dogs end up being killed in the local kill facility. just like in CA and NY and FL- many pitbulls are part of the Tuesday kill list in Big Spring. This is the case a year or two after they were born. Born to die.
Val is living the good life with SRF members who fell in love with him and adopted him. Val lives with his two pitbull sisters in Vermont.

"Val's Freedom ride"

“Val’s Freedom ride”

"Val's Freedom ride"

“Val’s Freedom ride”

"Val's Freedom ride"

“Val’s Freedom ride”

Val - Rescued - by St Rocco Foundation

June Rescues 2019

We announced the Big Spring high kill facility in Texas that we will rescue Layla, on December 4th,2018. Layla was pregnant and traumatized. We pulled her and she went into her short term foster home.  four hours prior the arrival of the transportation we’ve arranged for her, which was supposed to take her from short term foster home in Texas  to long term foster home in Portland, Layla gave birth to six puppies. They all resembled her, with various patterns of black and white on their tiny bodies. everything seemed ok but two weeks later, as we wait for them to grow a bit to handle the planned trip to Oregon, they started dying, one after the other. We lost five puppies out of the six, during four and half shocking days. We believe it was fading puppy syndrome. Layla and baby Wyatt, the only puppy who stayed alive, made it to the long term foster in Portland by car, thanks to one of our members.  Wyatt was adopted to the family who fostered one of our big spring 11 siblings and Layla was left alone, with her devoted foster. We can only attest to the gentleness, nobility, devotion and beautiful heart of Layla’s fosters but Layla was still suffering from a major PTSD.  Finally Layla’s Foster located a special 3 weeks course. Layla graduated the course, went into adoption trial which was crowned with much success! We are beyond pleased to announce that Layla is officially adopted! Layla’s story can teach us of patience. It is never easy to rescue dogs from the remote locations of south Texas high kill facilities, and many times there are hurdles on the way, but in the end of the day- it’s so worth it. They deserve to live!

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Erika, Ingrid and Mack

Meet the newest St Rocco Foundation rescues from the high-kill shelter in Big Springs, Texas.

Erika, Ingrid and Mack are siblings. You can read about each of them below.

All three are currently living in New York state and looking for their furever home. Could it be you?

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Thelma & Louise – Rescued from Big Spring, Texas!

We pulled Thelma and Louise from animal shelter in Big Spring TX. The shelter kindly kept them on hold for us over a holiday weekend! Later our Corban pulled them at 8 in the morning and they immediately went to their short term SRF foster club Mia, who enjoyed their presence very much. Prior Christmas Mona transported them from Brooklyn to Long Island, where they celebrated with long term SRF foster club Rita their Christmas! Rita bombarded the two with gifts. Rita had her niece visiting for the holidays and two weeks later, right after New Year’s Eve, Olivia confessed that she fell in love with the two chis, asked us to adopt the sisters and we were happy to say yes! Olivia and her parents love the girls so much. They are crowned as Izzy and Alma and are living the good life in Pennsylvania. they are both in love with their brother orange cat!! Happy tails!!

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Mother and Eleven Puppies Rescued!

St. Rocco Foundation has rescued, during last week of August, a mother and her 11 newborns from the kill list of the high kill facility of Big Spring, Texas. Please help us with your donations. Thank you.

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Freedom pic – out of the gas facility!

This is Howie. Howie was about to be gassed to death in a high kill shelter in Utah. An SRF member had noticed his pleading face, read the small letters which mentioned, just like that, a “gas chamber,” and called her SRF friends, whom together, rescued little senior Howie. One of our members in Utah drove six hours, all together, to get Howie from the shelter, in the very last moment and get him to Four Paws rescue group in Utah, who agreed to take the treatment of little Howie from that point on. Howie was diagnosed, thanks to Four Paws care for him with Cushing disease. Howie was adopted to the best of homes and is living the good life today. However, it wasn’t a nice or easy rescue operation, nor an evident one. Working with people who gas dogs to death is part of what we do. We cannot do this without your help. Please donate today to St. Rocco Foundation, so we can rescue more dogs like little Howie, and build our enterprise, 100% dedicated to these forgotten dogs.

Howie - Given a Second Chance at Life - In His Green Bandana

Howie- turns out kill facilities still gas dogs to death. Howie was rescued by SRF members and was then delivered to Four Paws rescue in Utah.