June Rescues 2019

We announced the Big Spring high kill facility in Texas that we will rescue Layla, on December 4th,2018. Layla was pregnant and traumatized. We pulled her and she went into her short term foster home.  four hours prior the arrival of the transportation we’ve arranged for her, which was supposed to take her from short term foster home in Texas  to long term foster home in Portland, Layla gave birth to six puppies. They all resembled her, with various patterns of black and white on their tiny bodies. everything seemed ok but two weeks later, as we wait for them to grow a bit to handle the planned trip to Oregon, they started dying, one after the other. We lost five puppies out of the six, during four and half shocking days. We believe it was fading puppy syndrome. Layla and baby Wyatt, the only puppy who stayed alive, made it to the long term foster in Portland by car, thanks to one of our members.  Wyatt was adopted to the family who fostered one of our big spring 11 siblings and Layla was left alone, with her devoted foster. We can only attest to the gentleness, nobility, devotion and beautiful heart of Layla’s fosters but Layla was still suffering from a major PTSD.  Finally Layla’s Foster located a special 3 weeks course. Layla graduated the course, went into adoption trial which was crowned with much success! We are beyond pleased to announce that Layla is officially adopted! Layla’s story can teach us of patience. It is never easy to rescue dogs from the remote locations of south Texas high kill facilities, and many times there are hurdles on the way, but in the end of the day- it’s so worth it. They deserve to live!

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