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…and what if we woke up from this nightmare?


St. Rocco foundation first immediate project is the creation of “RESCUE OFFICES”. The offices will serve the entire rescue community in each location and will not belong to any specific group. we hope this will serve as a step to the creation of complete unity in the rescue community, a unity which is needed as a tool in the battle against the very unified production and destruction corporations. the offices will be created in each state or each second adjacent state and will help change the time each dog has to be rescued. many of you probably dont know but in thousands of cases healthy young adoptable dogs (many of them where forced to born in the breeding and dog manufacturing enterprise) are being “euthanised” (killed) about 24 hours after arrival to the high kill facilities, some of them are killed instantly. the rescue offices project will aim to create a different time zone for these dogs, by a network of information and fosters, hence strengthening their chance to be rescued. we hope this will create a mega change also in the very disturbing phenomena in owner surrenders and senior surrenders.

here is what we need as a start:
1. Someone good with computers to build a database.
2. Shelters and Rescues to put their organizations in database if they want help with fosters/adopters.
3. Anyone who wants to foster and what type of animal. Their preferences male/female size for how long they can foster. What types of animals they already have and if they have kids as some foster homes need no kids or noise.
4. People to do homechecks so fosters are already to go.
5. Adopters same as fosters what kind of animal size and someone can do homecheck.
6. Transporters/Drivers anyone who can take pets to dr appts or adoption events. Transporters who can help get dogs from one state to another.
7. Transport Companies anyone who can help gets pets from point A to Point B whether that be pilots or trucks etc…
8. Someone to keep track of threads and pledges or foster offers etc…
9. Someone who can input all this information. Lot of work.
10. Someone to get in touch with as many shelters and rescues as they can to put them in database.


besides the issue of manufacturing dogs which end up soon after in the high kill facilities, the phenomena of owner surrenders is definitely what serves as a torn rescue rope for these dogs. we at SRF want to create a community data base for each state and area, containing the appropriate info for the use of the community, when it comes to veterinars, to rescues who can notify us about the intention of surrendering a senior or any dog, and more. we hope a new chain of support will be created prior surrendering a dog to a high kill facility as a “solution”. most owners who surrender their dogs are being misinformed about the fate of their dogs, due to the current terminology which uses the word “shelter” for a high kill facility which norm, all over the nation, is to kill 50 dogs per week. please help us create the accurate informative blog for your own area and community and we will post it here on our web site as a regular courtesy blog for communities.