St Rocco Foundation, or SRF as we like to call it among us, is primarily, the united voice of a group of 100 people, from 27 states, who found themselves, each in their own way, trying to rescue dogs from high kill shelters across the entire nation, many of them doing so on a regular basis, spending indescribable private efforts to do so.

The united group of 100 SRF members, have come to the understanding that it is witnessing, without being aware of it instantly, what is actually a mega crisis, one which ought to be considered as an emergency situation, a situation which presents an abnormal reality. a deadly one. from A to Z. a reality which uses daily massacre of dogs, and daily production of dogs, at the same time, while these are actually locked in the end of a political labyrinth, which has nothing to do with them, but rather with civic capitalist perceptions which where neglected. social mutation which uses the lives of tens thousands of dogs as a commodity for money.

Social Ideas from 19th century and mid-20th century, which went sour, yielding horrendous results when it comes to death and suffering, in levels and numbers which exceeds common human understanding.

SRF is probably the voice of millions of people who want to see this forgotten issue, filled with blood, hate, money, fear, living creatures, corps and horror, resolved once and for all. until this becomes the case, SRF will function as an umbrella body of action, spreading its endeavors towards all needed functions, in separated wings. it will be active in actual hands on rescue because the SRF people cannot just let these dogs die as they work to move forward, and separately, it will aim to grow to become a real political party which is dedicated solely to these dogs.

SRF is dedicated to all the dogs in puppy mills, all the dogs in back yard breeding facilities, all the dogs in all the high kill shelters across the entire nation, and all the dogs which are still being gassed to death in gas chambers or those who are born to die due to BSL.

SRF will grow based on the reality it is confronted with, pained. it will learn and act, act and learn, until it sees the labyrinth in which they are locked, so deep inside, so helpless, opens its deadly gates for good. we will not stop. we cannot live our lives properly while this is going on.

SRF needs are many and varied. it is a strong united wave of energy which starts its enterprise from scratch. you are welcome to join the united voice and by that enhance the political aspect of SRF. You are welcome to donate money which will be used for rescue complexed and valuable activities. You are welcome to become an active volunteer to the many projects we are about to launch or take part in, across the entire nation. You are welcome to grow with us, as we create our understanding to become an effective action.