Change, Hope and Compassion

It takes three words to describe the core values of St. Rocco Foundation: Change. Hope. Compassion. St. Rocco Foundation values are an aspiration reflecting our road ahead. We are here to bring a fundamental grasping one of a kind total true change.

A commitment to do our best to bring a true change to the current system of production and destruction of dogs all over the USA. We will do this through empathy, integrity, partnership and responsibility. Our one and only passion is to see this mega crisis comes to a halt. And that is what we are heading to achieve. That passion is what flows through SRF.

Hope is where our focus is. We are working in two separate venues, both belong to the St. Rocco Foundation umbrella. We are involved in hands-on rescue while seeing, amidst so much death and suffering, the hope the future can contain. This is where our focus is. We are the voice of a new era where production and destruction of the canine specie will be a dark part of the past.

That is what we are committed to while paving our road in actions. We are committed to performing compassion through everything we do.

~ Dina P. Sachs

Change, Hope and Compassion – by SRF members

Hope to me is the need for people to see the pain, vulnerability, and sense of loss in the eyes of the animals people are so willing to discard. It is the longing for the loss of life and pain at the hand of humans to stop.

Change starts with me. It is helping those that are so willing to help the innocent. Taking the time to be a voice for the voiceless. Doing my part in giving these creatures the life they deserve.

Compassion is what I hope to see more in others. For more people to be willing to NETWORK, RESCUE, FOSTER, and ADOPT. To look in the eyes of a dog and see their loyalty, love, hope, and forgiveness and give it right back to them.

~ Samantha Bayle

Animals are the most powerless creatures on earth, which is why they truly show us exactly who people are on the inside. Perhaps that is why God invented animals, voiceless creatures that tell us so much about human nature with no words. Always choose compassion. It is ironic that the most compassionate animals I have seen are sheep since meat eaters love to say, “God ate Lambs, it’s in the bible!” However, there is a bible reading that talks about God eating lambs & then goes onto say that even if he tells you to do something – if you know inside your heart it is wrong & causing another being suffering to not do it. The #bible says this is the ULTIMATE test of #God – letting true compassion rule over all else, even what he tells you. Similarly, the ultimate test of character to me is whether your pet is from a breeder or shelter. Puppies are cute, we all know this, but when there are over 3 million homeless dogs at risk to be killed – the compassionate answer is to adopt, rescue, & STOP breeding. The most compassionate adoption is of senior dogs, since they have been through the worst & are the last to be adopted – first to be euthanized in a shelter. Do not breed or buy while shelter pets die. Do not support animal cruelty of any kind. Always choose compassion.

#WhatWouldJesusDo #GoVegan #DontBreedOrBuyWhileShelterDogsDie.

~ Lola Nicole Palermo, Los Angeles, CA @mermaidboss @mermaiddogs


A short story by an SRF member.

“I was training and teaching My 2 dogs since they were puppies.

They are both pitbulls and they know I am deaf.

…. I have taught them the signs language that is used among humans.

One time I was sound asleep. My Mini heard noises ….Mini was holding me as I was just waking and wouldn’t let me get up.

I later learned that i had no idea that he saved my life- because a tornado came closer and was about to hit my house in the end.

That very amazing dog name is Mini. He is a black and white pitbull. I said to him “Thank you Mini. God bless you” as I hug him with a big hug 🙏”