Clarence the Frenchie – RIP 2010-2020

Hello SRF Friends,

Thank you so much for loving Clarence. It is with deep sadness we share the news that our beloved boy left us to cross the Rainbow Bridge on March 26, 2020. He was born December 15, 2010.

Clarence had been dealing with seizures for nearly eighteen months. He was under the care of a veterinary neurologist, and medications were managing the symptoms quite well, until the awful events of the last day. The emergency neurology vet was able to stabilize him so that he was peaceful and calm; we held him and said goodbye, and he knew “Mom and Dad” were with him.

Anyone following Clarence through his Instagram page, or SRF website, will realize that he was was so loved by his family. He was stubborn, opinionated, and … well, just a #stubbornbulldog. He knew what he wanted, and made sure he got it. It was quite cute and funny actually. He was always a good boy, and enjoyed meeting everyone. Sunday rides, alone with Dad were among his favorite treats.

Clarence was also a world champion Rescue Ambassador! We rescue senior Boxers, and over time Clarence welcomed Masi, Cash, TJ, Molly, and Roscoe into our home. The beautiful senior dogs are always shy and afraid at first; their world has fallen apart- for whatever reason. Clarence was always a happy little fellow who would go out of his way to show them the routine, and welcome them to their new home. In no time at all he would curl up and nap with them, providing comfort and stability in their new life. And of course, he would love to play with them. Although he was one-third their size, he didn’t know it and he would spar and roll with the big dogs!

We miss Clarence terribly, and likely always will. The memories we have are priceless and we will never forget his immense kindness to the senior Boxer dogs that became his family. We now picture him waiting for us on the Rainbow Bridge, not alone – but playing with Masi, Cash, and TJ. They are all waiting for the family to be together again someday.

Much Love,

Jim and Lori B.

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