“St. Rocco Foundation,” will aim to clear and heal the post-modern epidemic and plague of forced production and forced destruction of dogs all over the USA, a social mutation of civic capitalist perceptions which completely spiraled out of control, resulting in daily massacre and constant cruelty case on a very large scale, while locking the dogs deep in a political labyrinth.
Saint Rocco was rescued by a dog who brought him bread and licked his wounds, later joining him as he cured whole towns from the black plague. Unlike in former centuries, post post-modern humanity should be able to control its self-created epidemics and social diseases. We are here as a reminder to that.

December, 2017
Dina P. Sachs, Founder and Executive Director



St Rocco Foundation Manifesto

April 15

The road of St. Rocco Foundation is nothing but a vision – a dream at times.
But it is ideas that were once only dreams that can eventually bring about
a viable change.

It seems there is no other way – because when we leave reality to handle itself,
we find ourselves, one sudden day,
in the midst of an overwhelming crisis –
an all too complex labyrinth –
while all along controlling
this simple fact:
The death of these dogs is beyond unbearable.


The idea behind everything
St Rocco Foundation stands for
is to grasp the general look on the elements which consist of the crisis
and suggest a different perception.
Because what validates the daily massacre
is what is called governing ideology.
It is by replacing social beliefs,
social understandings
social common terminologies,
common social daily actions and practices of
breeding and killing dogs
(which seems not to be questioned anymore),
into a complete, viable, reform plan in the shape of a pyramid.
St. Rocco Foundation Pyramid Plan aims to create a
moving process,
which in the end, brings a viable change.
By paving a road to a new reality –
a new reality on which the
laws can be indeed created and sustained.
Laws without a reality that can support them,
cannot be the saviors.


Project A in the Pyramid –
the base of it all –
is what I like to call a New Age Plan.
Why New Age?
Because the daily, current massacre is simply a result of an idea from the
19th century and mid-20th century,
which were neglected and went sour,
yielding horrendous results.
It is time for a new idea –
new understanding –
a realization of sorts, and a conclusion.

A New Age Plan
The New Age Plan is based on a model invented by
Mr. Mark Ching
for the dog meat restaurant slaughterhouse in Asia.
Following Ching’s model,
we will suggest to create a model which is adequate to financial values
and geographic possibilities for
all the Breeders organizations, backyard breeders, kennels,
puppy mills – you name them –
all of them – all together addressed in one plan.


We will suggest working with the Government on this reform plan,
which will eventually defeat the breeding process.
It is important to emphasize, that in spite of our reactions when we see the dogs [that are the victims of the daily abuse],
this will be done using positive methods only –
criticism is not a working tool here.