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Freedom pic – out of the gas facility!

This is Howie. Howie was about to be gassed to death in a high kill shelter in Utah. An SRF member had noticed his pleading face, read the small letters which mentioned, just like that, a “gas chamber,” and called her SRF friends, whom together, rescued little senior Howie. One of our members in Utah drove six hours, all together, to get Howie from the shelter, in the very last moment and get him to Four Paws rescue group in Utah, who agreed to take the treatment of little Howie from that point on. Howie was diagnosed, thanks to Four Paws care for him with Cushing disease. Howie was adopted to the best of homes and is living the good life today. However, it wasn’t a nice or easy rescue operation, nor an evident one. Working with people who gas dogs to death is part of what we do. We cannot do this without your help. Please donate today to St. Rocco Foundation, so we can rescue more dogs like little Howie, and build our enterprise, 100% dedicated to these forgotten dogs.

Howie - Given a Second Chance at Life - In His Green Bandana

Howie- turns out kill facilities still gas dogs to death. Howie was rescued by SRF members and was then delivered to Four Paws rescue in Utah.

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