Jewelry by Gia von Loewenberg - unzip my heart

Jewelry in Support of St Rocco Foundation

Hello my name is Gia, and I design jewelry and clothing with the sole purpose of supporting animals in need. I have been involved with the St Rocco Foundation from the very beginning and do whatever I can to support the foundation. The bracelets I have designed incorporate my brand ‘unzip your heart’. This unzip your heart brand encourages you to open up your heart to support, adopt and foster dogs. The brand is unique and is only used in the funding of our poor furry friends, and I hope it becomes iconic and symbolizes this plight worldwide.

Jewelry by Gia von Loewenberg - unzip my heart

The bracelet is a silicone zipper style in a variety of 10 different colours, which can be worn open or closed. The unique selling point is the zipper which represents to people to unzip their heart and donate to the St Rocco Foundation. The bracelet has 2 stainless steel laser engraved pendants, one is inscribed with SRF and the other with unzip your heart. The bracelets are totally unique and stylish and suit all ages and sexes. For every bracelet purchased a percentage is given to the St Rocco Foundation to enable them to continue their amazing and outstanding work.

The price of each bracelet is 20 USD including postage + packaging from Australia, so please support the St Rocco Foundation and unzip your heart.

Gia von Loewenberg
Owner & Founder
unzip my heart

Jewelry by Gia von Loewenberg - unzip my heart

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