What is a Human Problem?

A letter from a member…

What is a human problem? My feeling is that anything which threatens humanity is a human problem. Our humanity is truly shown when all life is valued, not just human life. Also when agape (unconditional love) and conscience guides us to do the right thing, fight for our convictions and care and protect the most innocent and voiceless among us.

I look into the future with hope that we will do better for our animal companions. I see a collective conscience coming together to make the lives of our animal companions full of understanding, love and happiness, their lives having value and in turn enriching ours. Humanity once again made whole!

As I see it, as humans it is our mission to work towards the protection of all life. Our conscience being the bind that connects us together and driving us to this wonderful goal. Also, to do our best to repair the problems we as humans created.

Through inspirational people and their actions we are driven to change for the better, we learn, we grow, we unite we inspire and support each other. What’s more powerful than that? The amazing Maya Angelou once said “When you know better, you do better.”

As I sit here writing this, I look at the little faces of my pups all nestled close and in my heart of hearts I know I would do anything for them. In turn each of them shows me unwavering love and support, only wanting me to be happy. I see different personalities, their clever souls always making me smile and laugh! Clearly they have this humanity thing down!

Together we can create something amazing! I just know it!

Many blessings, Doug

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